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About the Hebrew Academy of Nassau County

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The Hebrew Academy of Nassau County (HANC) is an Orthodox, co-educational yeshiva day school that provides an exceptional Jewish and secular education to Jewish children throughout Long Island.  Since its very beginnings in 1953, it has been HANC’s conviction that teaching Jewish traditions and Torah values is the most certain path toward ensuring the continued existence, vitality and vibrancy of the Jewish people and community.

A HANC education further emphasizes the importance of membership and involvement in the community at large. Our youngest pre-schoolers begin learning about the communal aspects of life. The students' levels of communal engagement grow throughout their years at HANC as they learn to address different needs in Israel and in the United States, becoming ever more actively involved with a plethora of chesed and community service projects. Our high school students excel in various leadership development programs, including meetings with notable Jewish leaders, and we encourage our youth to continue striving toward communal leadership throughout their adult lives.  

As the gap between affordable tuition and the cost of offering the highest quality education continues to grow, your support enables us to offer tuition assistance to children and families who otherwise would not be able to afford what HANC has to offer. Since m
any of our students volunteer their time and energy as Friendship Circle volunteers, we are particularly proud to partner with Chabad West Hempstead in the Long Island Walk4friendship, to benefit Friendship Circle and the HANC Scholarship Fund, as we jointly encourage our students to follow a path of Torah, mitzvot, chesed and community service.  

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